A different type of anesthesia school for a different type of anesthesia provider. We prepare nurse anesthetists to provide independent high-quality anesthesia care in diverse settings across the globe. The rigorous curriculum is designed to integrate scientific principles with anesthesia theory and practice, stressing unique aspects of providing anesthesia on the battlefield as well as across the federal health care system. We emphasize statistics and research methodology enabling our students to critically analyze anesthesia literature and evaluate potential problems in anesthesia. Our graduates are safe, competent, adaptable anesthetists who can meet the challenges of today's federal health care needs.


Nurse Anesthesia program in the country US News & World Report


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Operation Bushmaster, a Military Contingency Medicine course capstone exercise, is a multiple-day continuous medical field practicum where soon-to-be military health care providers put their knowledge to the test in a variety of complex scenarios that could occur on a battlefield, preparing them for any challenging environment.

Operation Bushmaster

Military readiness is the top priority of USU with many different field experiences carefully created to insure students are prepared for any scenario they may find themselves in throughout their military career from medical dive medicine to mountain medicine courses to courses that are a part of the curriculum like Operation Bushmaster.

Field Exercises

The Doctor of Nursing Practice project translates research into practice in the form of a system or practice improvement in clinical settings on bases around the world. Students identify inconsistencies, inefficiencies, or other issues within the clinical setting and propose a solution based on existing research.

RNA Projects