The Graduate School of Nursing (GSN) admits registered nurses from the military and other federal services. Admission to all GSN programs is competitive and requires School of Nursing faculty endorsement and approval.

Admission to GSN programs are separate and distinct from selection by a sponsoring agency (e.g. Air Force, Army, Navy, PHS). Admissions are competitive, meeting minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance.  Every applicant must be accepted by both the GSN and their sponsoring agency to matriculate. 

The application window opens on March 15th and closes on August 1st, the application will therefore only be available between those dates. The USU Smart Catalog containing current admissions requirements is not published until May.

Between March 15th and May 31st, reference the Admission Requirements document linked HERE.

Between June 1st-March 14th, reference the USU 2024-2025 Academic Catalog for Admission Requirements.

Questions about the admissions process? Contact


APRN Promotional Videos were created for recruiting future active duty Advanced Practice Registered Nursing student applicants. The purpose is to offer insight into the application process, share experiences and advice, provide tips on academic life, and foster a supportive community.  The videos are intended for applicants and nursing leadership that support applicants, such as Chief Nurses,  to aid aspiring students in navigating the complexities of preparing for and applying to the Graduate School of Nursing. Students from the PMHNP program were highlighted in the videos. Additional recruitment videos of students from other specialties are planned.
GSN Recruitment Video 1      GSN Recruitment Video 2       GSN Recruitment Video 3       GSN Recruitment Video 4