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If you are academically involved with the GSN and interested in applying for a faculty appointment, please email the appropriate Department Chair or Program Director for instructions or contact GSN Faculty Affairs at



The Phase 2 Faculty are assigned to clinical sites and assist the student as they transition to their clinical education. The faculty is primarily focused on fostering the clinical growth of each student but there are didactic instruction included with each semester. The faculty also conduct hi-fidelity simulation activities throughout the clinical curriculum.

Phase 2 Faculty are typically selected after an interview with the Program Director and Specialty Leader. When there is a need for faculty at a particular site, a message will be initiated for all members within the particular specialty. Minimum qualifications typically include a doctorate degree and the completion of an assignment as an advanced practice nurse in the desired specialty. The specialty leader will notify all candidates of their selection status.


Preceptors play a vital role in the clinical education of the advanced practice nursing student. They are with the student on a daily basis, providing mentoring and evaluation of the student each day. Didactic knowledge is solidified with the daily experience gained from the preceptor. Among the responsibilities of a preceptor are the following:

  • Facilitate student learning in the clinical learning environment.
  • Participate in the identification of student learning needs.
  • Facilitate student transition to the advanced practice nursing role.
  • Participate in educational activities to maintain and promote professional growth.
  • Actively evaluate student progress in the clinical learning environment.
  • Collaborate with GSN faculty in ongoing student, site and program evaluation.

Preceptors can come from a variety of backgrounds including those directly related to a particular Advanced Practice Nursing specialty (Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Anesthetists, Clinical Nurse Specialists), but also from other disciplines (Physician Assistants, Physicians, Clinical Social Workers, Clinical Psychologists, Pharm D’s, Physical Therapists, Chief Nurse Executives, Nurse Researchers, Social Scientists, etc.)  Anyone who is working with GSN students on a regular basis should consider applying.

A detailed Preceptor Guide is available here




  • Current, unencumbered license to practice.
  • Certified and credentialed in the appropriate Advanced Practice Registered Nurse role.
  • Minimum of one year practice experience in the appropriate APRN role.
  • Minimum of a master’s degree in nursing.


Our preceptors are selected based on their clinical experience and their willingness to teach. If you’d like to become a preceptor and meet the qualifications, send an email to the GSN Program Director for your specialty, expressing your interest to serve as a preceptor. In that email, state your qualifications, your geographic location and practice affiliation, and attach your most recent resume/curriculum vitae. If selected, the Program Director will guide you through the process and the required documentation.